Friday, September 29, 2023 | 00:49 WIB

Heading towards the endemic: keep your filter masks on!


Jakarta, IO – Covid-19 infection continues to get more and more controlled globally. This is a sign that the pandemic is close to ending. However, it does not mean that the pandemic will simply end unconditionally and without further effort from us. We need to maintain and strengthen our efforts to control Covid-19 infection: everyone from every level of society, including Indonesia, must ensure that the majority of the population is vaccinated. 

“Everyone must work hard to maintain this condition and even improve it, as the threat of virus mutation is a constant one. All countries, including Indonesia, must maintain the current situation in order to achieve the end of the pandemic status,” declared dr. Mohammad Syahril, Sp.P(K), Ministry of Health Spokesman, in the “Progress of Covid-19, Acute Hepatitis, and Monkeypox Cases” press conference held last Friday (16/09/2022), 

There are six important efforts in the mitigation of the pandemic: vaccination, testing and sequencing, security of the health system, preparation for infection spikes, prevention and control, and information dissemination. Of these efforts, vaccination remains the one with the slowest progress, especially in term of Covid-19 booster vaccination coverage. Per 18 September 2022, only 62.6 million third or fourth booster doses was administered. This means only 26.8% of the total population of Indonesia is covered. 


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