Head of Polri: who gets the golden ring?

Neta S. Pane. (photo: riaupos)

IO, Jakarta – Based on data from Indonesia Police Watch (IPW), at least four names are in the running as strong candidates for National Police Chief, replacing General Tito Karnavian; they are all two-star Generals (Inspector General) and Police Academy graduates. Inspector General Luki Hermawan is now Regional Police Chief in East Java and a 1987 graduate of the Police Academy – the same class as National Police Chief Tito Karnavian. Second is Inspector Gatot Eddy Pramono, currently the Metro Jaya Regional Police Chief and a 1988 graduate of the Academy. Third, Inspector General Agus Andriyanto: he currently serves as the North Sumatra Regional Police Chief and graduated in 1989; the fourth possibility being talked about is Inspector General Ahmad Dofiri, top of the class (Adimakayasa) in the 1989 Police Academy.

IPW states that a likely candidate for National Police Chief is first promoted to the rank of three-star general (Komjen); there are indeed two Commissioner Generals who will retire in the near future, namely, Kabaharkam Komjen Condro Kirono and Deputy Police Chief Komjen Ari Dono Sukmanto. “Sources at National Police Headquarters suggest the prospective police chief replacing Tito Karnavian is not expected to be a graduate from the same year as Tito, but rather a candidate from a younger generation, ensuring a regeneration of leaders. The final decision remains with President Jokowi, as the holder of the prerogative rights,” Neta S Pane, Chairperson of the Indonesia Police Watch Presidium, pointed out.

Speculation about the appointment is in line with the competition for places in the cabinet to be formed by Jokowi in the near future. IPW reports that a number of prospects have been interviewed by the President for inclusion in the upcoming Jokowi / Amin cabinet. “The position of Attorney General will reportedly be filled by someone from outside the Prosecutor’s office. A new set of police leaders will take the place of figures in the previous Jokowi JK Cabinet,” Neta concluded. (dsy)