HBK promises to fight for soldiers’ welfare in Lombok

H. Bambang Kristiono (HBK). (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Mataram –  Prabowo Subianto’s appointment to become the Minister  of Defense in the Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin ‘Indonesia Onward Cabinet’  affects the position of H. Bambang Kristiono (HBK) as a member of House of Representatives in Senayan.

‘Samurai Prabowo’, soaring to the House of Representatives from the NTB II electoral district of Lombok Island, is likely to move to the House of Representatives Commission I in charge of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Communications and Information Technology, and Intelligence.

Previously, HBK was prepared by the Gerindra Party to join the Commission IV of the Indonesian Parliament in charge of Agriculture, Forestry, Maritime and Food.

 “Yes, most likely I am moving to Commission I; however, my heart is still with Lombok people who  mostly are farmers,” said HBK, when being confirmed on Friday (25 October)

In Lombok, as his base for voters, HBK is famous for his concerns in fighting in the field of agriculture. In fact, if it is flashbacked, HBK promised the people of Lombok to push up Lombok agriculture just like it was in era of 80s when Lombok’s agriculture reached its peak.

 After being sworn in as the member of the Indonesian Parliament a few weeks ago, HBK visited Lombok and met with all members of the Gerindra Party Faction throughout the island of Lombok.  HBK promised to build cooperation with relevant parties to advance Lombok’s agriculture.

HBK is known to have been living in three eras with Prabowo Subianto.  First, HBK became the Personal Staff Secretary (Sespri) Kopassus Commander in which Prabowo became his Commander. After his early retirement, HBK was also trusted to run Prabowo’s businesses.  Finally, when Prabowo founded the Gerindra Party, HBK was later entrusted to be the Chairperson of the Gerindra Party’s Supervisory and Discipline Board (BPD).  He was so trusted by Prabowo that he was dubbed as ‘Samurai Prabowo’.

After the appointment of Prabowo Subianto in the Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amien Cabinet, HBK was assigned by 08 to be in the House of Representatives Commission I in charge of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Communication and Information and Intelligence.  He, who was previously prepared to be the leader (Deputy Chair) of Commission IV, is likely to move to being the Chair (Deputy Chair) of Commission I.

HBK said that in the future, he would focus on the work and programs of Commission I. Specifically in the field of Defense, HBK has prepared the working steps which are within the scope of Commission I. He would prioritize the welfare of TNI soldiers in Lombok, as his concentration of work and struggle.

 “I will focus on the problem of soldiers’ welfare because, in my opinion, the welfare of soldiers still lacks in attention, so humanist work is still very much needed to improve the lives of soldiers in the future,” HBK said.

HBK will start observing the welfare of soldiers in Lombok, starting from observing dormitories, barracks, offices and supporting facilities for TNI soldiers on Lombok Island.

 “We have to start observing dormitories, barracks, offices and other supporting facilities for the soldiers on the island of Lombok,” he added.

 HBK will also start an inventory of what are the immediate needs of the Babinsa, Koramil and Kodim.  Also with schools, TNI hospitals and the lives of the retired of TNI soldiers on the island of Lombok.

“I will do the same thing to the Navy and Air Force as they are certainly as a part of the TNI soldiers,” he said.

Despite moving to Commission I, HBK will still fulfill its political promises in the 2019 Legislative Election/ Presidential Election campaign to the people of Lombok.

 Even though Commission I is engaged in the Defense sector, HBK, who has strong political relations with cadres of the Gerindra Party of NTB who sit in the Legislative District / City and NTB Province, as well as other partners in the Center, he will continue to work to prosper the people of Lombok  , especially in agriculture.

 According to HBK, when viewed globally, the defense sector also cannot be separated from agriculture in which a nation’s food security will greatly affect the strength of a nation’s defense.

 The threat of contemporary warfare is no longer on invasion or armed attack, but rather on digital warfare technology, and also proxy warfare.

HBK explained that food security is one of the determining factors in a country’s national stability, not only in the economic, security, but also in political and social fields.

 That is why at present, the countries around the world which are located far from the equator begin to prepare themselves to face the food, energy and water crisis by attacking equatorial countries, including Indonesia to the end that their natural resources can be controlled.

Our weaknesses in the social, political, financial, economic, national culture and defense and security fields will be a gap for foreign countries to enter and begin to control Indonesia’s natural wealth.

“In the future, the dynamics of life that will be faced by our young generation will be overwhelming, including the threat of proxy war,” HBK added

HBK said, the national defense and food security of the Indonesian people in the future must be stronger, going hand in hand to strengthen the sovereignty of defense and food of the Indonesian people.

 That is also the reason President Jokowi has asked the Ministry of Agriculture and the TNI to cooperate in overseeing the Government’s programs for self-sufficiency in food.

 “So even though I am in Commission I, with the focus on the welfare of soldiers; however, I will also fight for the agricultural sector because these two things are interrelated,” he concluded.