Thursday, November 30, 2023 | 22:07 WIB

Happy Salma in musical monologue “Inggit, Tegak Setelah Ombak”


Happy Salma
(Source: Yose Riandi/Titimangsa)

Wawan Sofwan, the director, said the idea for this musical originated from him. He believes singing is a means to express the outpouring of one’s feelings. According to Wawan, the musical is related to Sundanese tradition.

“The music will elevate Inggit’s emotional state and expressions of anxiety,” he said at a press conference.

Tina Talia (38), one of the audiences, said there were many things she had not known about Inggit’s story and her struggle as a great woman behind Soekarno.

“The two-hour show feels like fleeting seconds, even though I only saw Happy Salma monologue. There were many messages, especially about women’s struggles,” Tina told Independent Observer. “And did you realize that for two hours the show presented almost half of Soekarno’s life,” she continued, still seemed bedazzled.


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