Hannie Hananto’s social criticism work steals the spotlight at Muffest+ 2022

Hannie Hananto
“Staples” fashion of Hannie Hananto’s collection (Source: Suara)

Jakarta, IO – The closing ceremony of the Muslim Fashion Festival+ (Muffest+ 2022) on Saturday (23/4) was marked by unusual clothing piece by designer Hannie Hananto who managed to captivate Indonesian fashion connoisseurs.

In the event that took place from April 21-23 at the Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Hannie through his work seemed to allude to social issues such as the shortage and soaring prices of basic necessities like cooking oil. Under the theme “Pasar” (market), she showcased a collection consisting of eight scenes.

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“The inspiration comes from the problems that housewives face every day, with the prices of basic foodstuffs creeping up, especially cooking oil. There is also inspiration from every day food ingredients found in traditional market,” Hannie told Suara on Monday (25/4).