Hairul Anas Suaidi : Robot Monitors Situng KPU, proving that valid votes are stolen minute by minute

Hairul Anas Suaidi, IT Prodigy. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – So many findings of input errors on the KPU counting system moved the heart of an ITB alumnus, an IT Expert, Hairul Anas Suaidi, to reveal the discrepancies between people’s votes recorded in C1 Plano in TPS level with the result which was called as the “real count” – KPU’s version, which was broadcasted over many private television stations and on the website of KPU itself. Anas assessed that the findings of Prabowo-Sandi’s BPN which found 73,715 miscalculations when the voting reached 440 thousand (50%) inspired him to champion the allegations of fraud committed by KPU through the Situng System.

Anas’s success was to create a robot to monitor the Situng KPU with screen monitoring where the robot could record and save screenshots which as evidence of people’s votes in the pages of Situng KPU, minute by minute. Interestingly, the robot records from the national page, province, residents/cities, districts, villages to TPS from Aceh to Papua, which opened the public’s eyes. As a citizen who cares deeply for people’s votes, of course his findings will strengthen BPN’s position and people in general who suspect that there are frauds committed structurally, systematically, and massively. “This is the robot I create. There is screen monitoring, all data existed here, from minute to minute, so if someone wants to ask for data in a certain minute we can help,” he explained.

With the Monitoring Robot for Situng which he created, Anas ensures for the people that they should not be worried if there’s a difference between votes in the Situng with C1 Plano in TPS. He mentioned that his creation, which he called the “Don’t let go Robot”, would signify that there’s No Way we would let go if people’s votes were stolen. “if the first (Situng KPU) is a “letting it go” robot, then this one is named “don’t let go”. I won’t let it go. Mr. Prabowo and Sandi’s vote were stolen. Who would let it go when their votes were stolen?” he asked back.

Anas probably became one of the most wanted man because of his findings. It’s understandable, he could create a robot which is feared by the perpetrator of the alleged frauds in Situng KPU. “if they don’t fear Situng’s machine, even the angels, maybe this monitoring robot for Situng will be feared by them because all data, from National level to TPS level existed here,” said Anas who stated his Robot is located on Mars.

Shockingly, Anas displayed his important findings, a professor from Malaysia who had expertise in the field of forensic investigation for C1 photos. Anas also showed his findings to the Independent Observer that from scanning results, the C1 doesn’t look authentic. How can it be that the results from a scan of C1 and the next C1 are not parallel? Particularly when the process of scanning of C1 between the background and the content (C1 votes) were both moving. But in the short videos which were shown, between the background (which is in black) were not moving, the content looks like its dancing (moving). “the content and the background are not parallel, background/watermark remains silent, but the tables are moving. It means there are indications of manipulations so the authenticity of scan C1 Situng need to be investigated,” he explained. 

Next, he showed a negative filter; the results were shocking. No scanned picture could be read. Anas explained that this means this is not the result of scanning, but it’s the result of editing from MS Word or Photoshop. From those various findings it’s not entirely wrong when he said that the incumbent is not only playing with money politics, and every transaction which violates every principle to maintain his power. “They even dare to violate mathematical principles, they dare to violate this documentation process,” he ended. (Dan)