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Haga and Fukuro Teams best at Bridge & Building Competition 2021


Surabaya, IO – Two November Tenth Institute of Technology (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember – “ITS”) Civil Engineering Department teams won the general championships in the 16th Indonesian Bridge Competition (Kompetisi Jembatan Indonesia – “KJI”) and the 12th Indonesian Building Construction Competition (Kompetisi Bangunan Gedung Indonesia – “KBGI”) simultaneously organized by Pontianak National Polytechnic, West Kalimantan, on Sunday (7/11/2021). Haga Team won a first in the Strongest Steel Framework category in the KJI, while Fukuro Team won first place in the Seismic Performance category in the KBGI.

Head of the ITS Department of Civil Engineering Umboro Lasminto, ST, MSc., stated that ITS participated in three categories in the most prestigious competitions for Indonesia’s civil engineering students. “The Haga Team, Ricardo Fransiskus Karo-Karo and Ganjar Ageng Wicaksono Siswono, participated in the Steel Framework competition in the KJI, while the Fukuro Team, Andy Adhyaksa and Farhan Natanagara, participated in
the Wood and Cold-Rolled Steel categories. We won two out of the three competitions that we participated in. Both teams have given their best, and our achievement in the KJI earned us the title of General Champions,” he stated in the press release received by the Independent Observer on Monday (8/11/2021).

Ricardo of the Haga Team reported that KJI made a judgment in three categories: Most Beautiful Bridge, Strongest Steel Framework, and Bridge with Best Compliance of Implementation to Initial Design. “The steadiness and sturdiness of the bridge are the biggest weights in the overall score. In the competition, we must construct the model ourselves. Therefore, we fabricate the parts in ITS first before taking them to Pontianak for assembly,” he said.

Haga and Fukuro Teams best at Bridge & Building Competition 2021
Haga Team and its mentors.

The bridge model assembled at the site was then loaded with a weight of 60 kilograms at the center point of its length. Flexure of the bridge was then measured, using two dial gauges or transducer. “The flexure of our Team was the smallest among the bridges made by the seven competing universities at less than 0.5 millimeters, so we won the Strongest Bridge category,” Ricardo said.

The Fukuro Team competed in the Cold-Rolled Steel Multi-Storied Building Model category in the KBGI. Five points were judged here: Creativity in Construction; Compliance of Implementation to Design; Seismic Performance; Construction Method; and Environmentally-Friendliness,
Sustainability, and Quake-Resistance in a Futuristic Construction. Andy reported that his team had the highest score in the Seismic Performance indicator, which carried the biggest weight at 25%. In this scoring, the building model was tested, using a quaking table that vibrates at a frequency of 1.5-5.5 Hz and an amplitude of 10 millimeter, with each frequency tested for one minute.

Haga and Fukuro Teams best at Bridge & Building Competition 2021
Andy Adhyaksa and Farhan Natanagara of the Fukuro Team.

Fukuro Team’s model had the biggest residual deviation without collapsing. “As we had the top score in the top indicator, we ended up with the biggest
overall score and were thus named number 1,” he said.

The victory was honestly fought and won. They undertook issues from proposal selection and various revisions before they could compete against other colleges in the Finals, and faced challenges such as the brief time allotted for assembling the models. However, both teams remained optimistic and worked hard. Ricardo hopes that his team can continue to improve their competence and competitive passion in various competitions in upcoming years. “May we be able to achieve then what we cannot achieve yet, and may we continue to bring pride and joy to our alma mater,” he said. (est)


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