Gyu-Kaku; Authentic Japanese BBQ taste

Gyu-Kaku serves the best and fresh beef, such as AUS Wagyu, Karubi, Gyu-Kaku Karubi, Sirloin, and Beef Tongue, which imported from the United States and New Zealand. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Japanese culinary en­thusiasts, of course, are already well aware of the meat barbeque in the style of the country of Sakura which is commonly called yakiniku. One restaurant that is a favorite in pre­senting a confident dish in Jakarta is Gyu-Kaku. Gyu-Kaku is one of the original restaurants from Japan. Hundreds of outlets have spread across Asia and the United States. In this restaurant, consumers cook their own food, small stoves are available at each table. This restaurant offers a menu of Japanese cuisine with soft and soft textured meat dishes. The meat used is the best quality imported meat from various countries. Let’s say their short rib meat is imported from the United States. In fact, beef tongue meat was intentionally imported from New Zealand.

Gyu-Kaku presents a confident Japanese dish or BBQ with the con­cept of ‘All You Can Eat Buffet’, and also has 4 excellent buffet menus, namely Chicken Buffet, Standard Beef Buffet, Selected Beef Buffet, and Premium Beef Buffet. On the meat menu, Gyu-Kaku serves the best beef, such as AUS Wagyu, Karubi, Gyu-Ka­ku Karubi, Sirloin, and Beef Tongue. However, in addition to beef, Gyu-Ka­ku also provides chicken for visitors who don’t like meat. Chicken wings, chicken thigh, and chicken breast are available. “For the menu we provide a standard and premium menu. The difference is, for the premium menu, visitors get more meat. The meat is 5, while for the standard one is 3 meat,” said Awang Hermawan as the restau­rant manager.

Not only that, the meat has a de­licious taste. Because, the meat has been given seasoning from selected raw materials and cooked by a chef who has experienced for six hours before being served to visitors. The food is more appropriate to eat when in hot conditions while smeared with Gyu-Kaku typical Japanese sauce that has been famous throughout the restaurant. The enjoyment of the meat barbeque sensation is more complete with the distinctive aroma of charcoal used for baking. Not only meat offerings offered by Gyu-Kaku. This authentic menu restaurant of­fers menus in the form of appetizers, salads, fried food, seafood, vegetables, rice, sopu, noodles, kimuchi, yakisha­bu, chicken teriyaki, to typical Japa­nese pudding that is no less tempting. The menu of drinks offered is typical of Japan, namely macha cold and hot, and there are also beers to accompa­ny meals.

Restaurant manager Gyu-Kaku, Awang Hermawan said the food menu can be enjoyed with three choices of packages and prices. Starting from the standard priced at Rp 228 thou­sand, Premium Rp 398 thousand, and exclusive worth Rp 448 thou­sand. The price of the food that dis­tinguishes the type of meat offered. However, Awang added that there are several things that must be consid­ered to enjoy in this restaurant. For example, all the menus offered are only to be enjoyed in the restaurant itself. If there is food left over, it will be charged Rp. 50 thousand per 100 grams.

“In addition, the dish can only be enjoyed for 90 minutes. With the last order in the 75th minute for ordering meat, “said Awang Hermawan.

If you visit this restaurant, try one of the karubi menus. Among other meats, this meat has a more savory and sweet taste. The texture of the meat is also soft, making it easier for visitors to eat it. (Aldo)