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Gulo Klopo: Enjoy Furnace Pizza within Modern Javanese nuance


IO – “Sugeng Rawuh” at the restaurant entrance welcomes guests who enter Gulo Klopo restaurant and cafe, located on Jl. Sawangan Raya, Depok. The cafe, which is near the Sawangan toll exit, has a thick Javanese nuance. From the entrance gate to the large parking lot, you can see a hint of Java; the gate is made of wood, with the name Gulo Klopo restaurant written on it, which at a glance is similar to the honocoroko Javanese script.  

The main restaurant is built inside a Javanese house. Nuances of brown color dominate the interior, seen from the restaurant benches, and on the brick walls are beautiful paintings. The main part of this restaurant has two levels. The upper part is available in two rooms which are usually used for meetings.  

Dimas Satrio Adiputro, Owner of Gulo Klopo, explained that Gulo Klopo restaurant carries a modern Javanese concept. Gulo Klopo restaurant and cafe consists of three parts. The main restaurant, the back, and the front. The main part of the restaurant is very thick with Javanese nuances. The building is made of river stone on the outside, with a combination of bricks for the inside of the restaurant. Old Javanese wooden windows and doors.  

The back area of the restaurant combines Javanese and modern, as seen from the beach mural ornament. This open area is a place to hang out and live music. “My friends and I draw murals because I want guests to feel comfortable and homey,” admitted the man, who was born in 1988.  

The front of the restaurant, used as an angkringan of Bakso Malang Asli, has an open space. In the corner of the room, there is a street mural in the for-est and a wooden swing.  

Gulo Klopo was founded on April 1, 2017. Dimas said that with the establishment of this restaurant he wanted to realize the ideals of his father, Imam Eddie Soesatyo, who is also a culinary entrepreneur at Bakso Malang Asli. The philosophy of the name Gulo Klopo was taken from the embryo of the red and white flag during the Majapahit Empire.  

Furnace Pizza 

Gulo Klopo has a complete menu, starting from Javanese specialties, Chinese Food, and Western Food. The superior and unique menu at Gulo Klopo that is rarely found elsewhere is Furnace Pizza. Unlike the pizzas in other places, this Furnace Pizza is fired using a stove with firewood from fruit trees.  

“All the ingredients are fresh, baked in a stove that uses firewood from fruit trees so that the aroma and taste are better. One of them is using star fruit sticks from around the rear parking lot,” said Dimas.  

Also, the pizza is thin and crispy, which according to Dimas is the real Italian pizza. There are several variants of Furnace Pizza, including American Style, Barbeque Chicken, Beef Teriyaki, Cheesy Melted, Meat Lover, Pepperoni, Rendang, Black Pepper Beef, Super Supreme, Tuna Mayonnaise, Tuna Rica-Rica, Veggie Mushroom, Veggie Paprika, and Veggie Tomato.  

Indonesian specialties that are favorites at Gulo Klopo include Rawon, Bakmi Godok Special, Asem-asem Ayam, Asem-asem Iga, and Asem-asem Bebek with Gulo Klopo’s signature spices. Gulo Klopo also serves Iga, Grilled Gurame, Grilled Oxtail Soup, Bebek Gulo Klopo, and Malang Bakso GK which taste delicious.  

Western menus are available with items such as Rib Eye Steak, Caesar Salad, Spaghetti, Aglio Olio Beef, Calamari, Fish and Chips, and others. As for the Chinese Food menu, it includes Sapo Tahu, Capcay, Fuyunghai, Ifumie, and others.  

The special drink at Gulo Klopo is Wedang Gulo Klopo. Wedang Gulo Klopo is processed from crushed ginger, then boiled using coconut water with coconut in a pan. Pour it into a glass, then add palm sugar. Other Wedang available are Wedang Uwuh and Wedang Jahe.  

Gulo Klopo also serves Poci Tea which uses rock sugar. Other drinking menus are fresh fruit juice, latte, sparkling, mocktail, smoothies, milkshakes, ice blends, hot and ice tea variants, hot and ice coffee variants, and others. The menus at Gulo Klopo are processed by two experienced chefs.  


Gulo Klopo restaurants and cafes are often used as venues for events, such as weddings, proposals, gatherings, and so on. According to Dimas, there have been up to 800 pax wedding events with guests coming and going, and the ala-carte capacity is more than 150 pax.  

All restaurant rooms, both in the main building on the upper and lower floors as well as the backroom, can be booked for events. When booking a wedding event, the tenant can use the meeting room as a dressing room. The meeting room can accommodate 10-15 people. While the main room capacity reaches 50 people.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gulo Klopo was closed for three months following government regulations. However, after that Gulo Klopo provided dine-in implementing the health protocol. In addition, there are several private events held at Gulo Klopo, including engagements, weddings and birthdays. 

 “We continue to promote through Instagram, YouTube through the Mamade channel, as well as from word by mouth recommendations. Alhamdulillah, in the third year our rating on Google has increased,” said Dimas. (Kartika Indah)


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