Greatest waterfall at Central Aceh: Tensaran Bidin waterfall

This waterfall’s beauty serves a refreshing sense of calmness and natural charm hidden behind high and lush green cliff walls. (photo: IO/Mahra)

IO – The Gayo Plateau is potentially rich in nature. The fertile expanse of land where a piece of heavenly land is supported by beautiful scenery. The most prominent of the gayo land is the Gayo Arabica coffee plant. Gayo arabica coffee has become the mainstay of the economy in this region and almost 80 percent of the people are coffee farmers.

The Gayo region, especially Central Aceh, is currently one of the favorite tourist destinations in Aceh. Central Aceh’s tourism potential is now being echoed by the local government. Now in Central Aceh there is a lot of tourism potential that continues to grow and is visited by tourists, for example, Lake Lut Tawar, which is rich in the charm of its endemic fish (rasbora tawarensis), which is now a natural tourist icon that attracts local and foreign tourists. Not only that, other natural attractions such as waterfalls also vary in Gayo, Central Aceh.

The beauty of this waterfall tour presents freshness and natural charm hidden behind high cliff walls and lush greenery. Waterfall tourism always has its own charm for tourists, with its natural beauty in Gayo which is still hidden and unknown by many people, including residents. One of the waterfalls that is very exotic is the tensaran bidin waterfall located in Bener Meriah Regency, Central Aceh.

The tensaran bidin waterfall is surrounded by pine trees and is about 15 kilometers from Pondok Baru, in the village of Blang Jorong Wonosari. In order to complete the journey, two of my friends and I used a motorcycle. We had to ask many local residents to find the specific location. On the way to the waterfall, the weather did not support us, it rained heavily but it did not shrink my desire and my two friends to see the beauty of this gayo nature. Soaking wet, we finally arrived at the location but we needed more time to walk around 300 meters with a very sloping, steep and shrubby terrain. This can be an obstacle for tourists because of the unavailability of safe and adequate paths thus, needs courage and strong energy to be able to take a closer look at this waterfall.

During the trip into the forest there were no specific instructions for tracking so my friends and I began to get confused to find a path to the location. After going through a tiring track we finally got there and we could not not find other tourists there so there were only three of us in the middle of the dense forest.

The roar of the water falling and the green plants around the cliffs become a very beautiful sight, the feeling of fatigue and cold paid off with this wondrous scenery created by God. After feeling satisfied to with the scenery and filled with gratitude we rushed to go home as we didn’t want to late to get back. We had not prepared ourselves well to come to the location of this waterfall. During the trip back home we arrived at the same route that we had during the beginning of the trip.

For tourists who want to travel to this waterfall, you need to prepare basic needs, such as compass to show direction, shoes, supplies to travel to locations such as mineral water and ask for directions from the surrounding community. Due to unavailability of directions or visible roads or qualified footpaths that are always advised to use and be careful of when tracking. Nature is good, so please do not damage the beauty that is still awake. You must always take good care of it. Let’s explore places that have never been visited before, including this Bidin tensaran waterfall. (Mahrayuni)