GranDhika Jakarta Hotel presents “Ramadan Iftar 1001 Nights”


Jakarta, IO – The holy month of Ramadan is a month full of blessings, bringing joy and happiness to all Muslims. It is the best opportunity to share togetherness with family and closest friends. Breaking the Ramadan fasting by eating together has become a tradition to share with friends, family and coworkers. A must-do event to build silaturahim (closeness with friends and families), establish friendships and dine delicious dishes after fasting all day. Breaking the fast or Iftar with the closest people is inexpressible happiness. GranDhika Iskandarsyah Jakarta Hotel, under the authority of PT Adhi Commuter Property Tbk, is offering “Iftar Ramadhan 1001 Nights” with a variety of tempting Middle Eastern and International menus. 

GranDhika presents various delectable Arabic appetizers: Hummus, Fatous, Couscous and different Middle Eastern salads. Hotel guests can also enjoy live cooking attractions of Grilled Chicken Kebab, Grilled Beef Kebab, Vegetable Kebab and Martabak. The hotel also serves an Arabic Main Course as well as the famous Oum Ali Arabic desserts and many more. You can also enjoy the International Main Course menu offering Pasta, Grilled Chicken and various Salads at the salad bar. If you prefer Indonesian dishes, this four-star hotel also serves takjil (sweet appetizers), a variety of soups and rich-flavored Indonesian items for the main course. Get the best early-bird offer for only IDR 195,000 Net/pax, discounted from the regular price of IDR 288,000 Net/pax, within the booking period April 2nd to 10th, 2022. 

A GranDhika Iskandarsyah hotel room offer known as “Ramadhan Delight 1001 Nights” is for guests who plan to book some staycation or work from the four-star hotel in Ramadan. The offer starts from IDR 899,000 Net/night, including one breakfast or sahoor (a dawn breakfast for those who fast). The offer also includes a 10 percent discount for the spa, another 10 percent discount for food and beverages (alcoholic drinks not included) and a breaking-the-fast ticket for one person. Package for two starts from IDR 1,099,000 Net/night. Guests can book a room at grandhika-iskandarsyah by using PROMO CODE: RMD3. 

“We would like to share our happiness towards the holy month of Ramadan using the 1001 Nights theme. We welcome guests to experience their fast-breaking with a variety of Middle Eastern and International specialties. We provide high-quality dishes, and to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, we comply with health protocol standards,” concluded Danang Triwidyantoro, General Manager of Hotel GranDhika Iskandarsyah Jakarta.