Wednesday, December 6, 2023 | 17:52 WIB

Govt to hike entry ticket 15 times to preserve Borobudur


Borobudur temple
Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. (Source: Instagram @pakindro)

“The news is indeed quite surprising and makes tourism industry players anxious, especially ASITA members,” Budijanto told Liputan6.

Budijanto viewed the idea seemed contradictory to the efforts to revive the tourism sector launched by the government. “This price hike will further reduce our competitiveness compared to neighboring countries,” he added.

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On one hand, he tries to understand the government’s justifications but on the other hand ASITA and the tourism industry players feel they have not been involved in the policymaking.

“The increase of several hundred percent is very unrealistic. The visitor restrictions are understandable, but the hefty price is hard to understand. In issuing a policy the government should make a proper analysis and discuss it first with associations and industry. Hopefully this will be heard by decision makers so they can review this policy,” said Budijanto. (rr)


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