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Govt suspends licenses of 48 companies for involvement in land and forest fire


Jakarta, IO – The Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar said her ministry has suspended the operations of 48 plantation companies alleged to be involved in forest and land fires.

Siti said dozens of companies had carried out the practice of clearing land by burning. Apart from that, she has also issued warnings to more than 200 companies, per CNNIndonesia, Saturday (21/10).

“What we are currently monitoring are fires caused by land clearance activity. To get a new permit, for example, they burn the land so they can plant oil palm, so that’s what we are dealing with now,” said Siti.

Furthermore, Siti explained that the law enforcement instruments under the authority of her ministry would be used to take firm action against those responsible for businesses or activities that resulted in forest and land fires.

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This firm actions include administrative sanctions such as revocation of permits to obligation for environmental restoration and even being taken to criminal court.

The punishment related to forest and land fire as stipulated on Article 108 of Law 32/2009 on Environmental Protection and Management is a maximum 10 years of imprisonment and a maximum fine of Rp10 billion. (un)


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