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Govt sets target for Bahasa Indonesia to be taught in 94 countries by 2045


Jakarta, IO –  The government seeks to expand the teaching of Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) to 94 countries by 2045.

Indonesia’s language agency Badan Bahasa head Aminudin Aziz asserted that so far Indonesian has been taught in 54 countries through the Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) program.

According to him, the interest of educational institutions abroad to open Indonesian language programs is on the rise, said Aminudin, per RRI, Fri (6/21).

“This is one way to increase the function and status of Indonesian as an international language,” he continued.

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According to Badan Bahasa, there are 86 foreign universities that have Indonesian language programs in 2023, including US’ Harvard University, Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, Austria’s Vienna University, Bulgaria’s Sofia University, UK’s Nottingham University, and Russia’s Moscow State University. (un)


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