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Govt responds to rejection of Israel’s U-20 football team to play in Indonesia


Jakarta, IO – Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Mahfud MD responded to rejection by a number of groups of Israel’s U-20 national football team competing in the U-20 World Cup in Indonesia. According to him, the government has discussed this matter.

“There is no problem, the preparations have been carried out well. All channels have been discussed and prepared, political, diplomatic, security, and so on. Just waiting for it to be negotiated,” Mahfud said, reported Detik, Thursday (9/3).

Israel’s qualifying for the tournament is interesting because Indonesia does not have diplomatic relations with the country. A number of groups rejected the participation of Israel’s national football team in the sporting event.

One of them is a residents’ association called Solo Raya Alliance. They gathered at Solo City Council, Tuesday (7/3) to express their opposition.

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“We have sent a letter to President Jokowi and House Speaker Ibu Puan Maharani through the Solo Legislative Council. In essence, we refuse Israel team playing in the U-20 World Cup on the ground that Israel is an occupier. In addition, Indonesian constitution calls on the people to fight against colonialism everywhere,” said its spokesperson Endro Sudarsono. (rr)


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