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Govt limits flights to Bali during G20 Summit from Nov 13-17


Indonesia is hosting G20 this year. (IO/Pebri)

“We have appealed to operators, both airports and airlines, to be proactive in providing clear information to their customers, in accordance with the applicable provisions in the circular. For example, information on flight schedule changes, delays, cancellations, compensation, refund processes, and so on,” said Adita.

During the summit, flight operations will be prioritized for handling VVIP flights in accordance with regulatory provisions, but also maintain a limited number of regular flights.

“Given that some G20 guests and delegates will still be using regular flights. In addition, flights to Bali will only be from Soekarno Hatta Airport (CGK),” he explained.

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The G20 Summit will be attended by G20 member countries, guest countries and international organizations and corporations including FIFA, IOC, Atlantic Council, Tesla, World Economic Forum.

“We ask for support from the community to ensure the success of Indonesia’s G20 presidency during the G20 Summit this year. As the host, of course, we must ensure that flight arrangements from arrival to departure can run safely, orderly and smoothly, and minimizes the impact of disruption to flight services during the event,” concluded Adita. (rr)


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