Wednesday, April 24, 2024 | 16:35 WIB

Govt annuls a number of ITE Law articles


Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej
Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej (Source: ig @eddyhiariej)

Edward also said that the annulment of the two articles is good news for democracy and freedom of expression in Indonesia. According to him, the public often criticizes law enforcement officials who are often quick to make arrests or detain critics using the ITE Law.

He also said that the RKUHP has delineated between insults and criticism, although it still includes insult to the government or presidential institutions as punishable crime. Apart from that, Edward guaranteed that multiple interpretations regarding the articles against presidential insults would not occur because there is already a detailed explanation.

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“The feared articles will no longer have multiple interpretations because we have explained them in great details,” he concluded. (un)


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