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Go Korean: I LIKE K-FOOD


IO – Indonesians can now enjoy and try to create South Korean dishes that are often featured in K-Dramas, using original Korean ingredients. Through the I LIKE K-FOOD program, the Korea Food Industry Association (KFIA), supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural South Korea, and the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT), introduces a variety of leading Korean products from food to beverages. In collaboration with LOTTE, KFIA created I LIKE K-FOOD zones in several LOTTE Marts and LOTTE Grosir by presenting special shelves for I LIKE K-FOOD products. 

Until November 30, 2020, Indonesians can easily get authentic Korean products such as Ramyeon (Korean instant noodles), pasta sauce: Gochujang (original Korean chili paste), cooking spices: Ganjang (Korean original soy sauce), Dangmyeon (original Korean vermicelli) which is an ingredient for making Japchae, instant teokbokki, various variants of authentic Korean snacks and drinks. Special I LIKE K-FOOD shelves can be found at LOTTE Grosir Alam Sutera and Pasar Rebo, LOTTE Mart Gandaria City, Green Pramuka, Kelapa Gading, and Kuningan City. 

Ryoung-Jy Kim from The Industry Promotion Department, Korea Food Industry Association, said that the high public interest in Korean culinary encourages them to create the I LIKE K-FOOD program. “Through this program, Indonesians will find it easier to get and enjoy Korean products. For people who choose to stay at home during this pandemic, we provide convenience by the ease of purchasing products online, so that they can still enjoy Korean products without having to leave the house,” he said. 

Besides coming directly to LOTTE Mart and LOTTE Grosir, people can also buy I LIKE K-FOOD products online at the LOTTE Mart Mall and LOTTE Mart Store in e-commerce such as Tokopedia and Happy Fresh. There is a special category at LOTTE Mart Mall, Tokopedia, and Happy Fresh, namely “Korean Food”, to make it easier for people to shop for Korean products. Various attractive promos can also be enjoyed by online shoppers. 

As part of the I LIKE K-FOOD program, a series of K-food cooking demos aired on the KFIA YouTube channel from July 24 to November 2020. By cooperating with one of the popular Korean chefs in Indonesia, Chef Jun, the public can better understand how to process Korean products. Chef Jun will broadcast one cooking demo episode every month, demonstrating how to make a variety of easy Korean cooking recipes. 

Chef Jun will share Korean food recipes that are easy to make at home and provide interesting tips about cooking Korean products. In the first episode, that aired on July 24, 2020, Chef Jun demonstrated the making of Kimchi Fried Rice, also known as Kimchi Bokkeumbap. This food is a combination of fried rice with kimchi. 

In the next episode, Chef Jun will also share a recipe for spicy chicken that is currently a hit in South Korea, namely Yangnyeom Chicken. During the screening of the cooking demo video on YouTube KFIA, there will be a quiz with prizes for loyal viewers of I LIKE K-FOOD 2020.


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