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Glenn Fredly: Gone too soon


IO – There will be no more melodious new songs created by Glenn Fredly: the composer and singer has gone, too quickly for fans and Indonesian music lovers. Glenn died of meningitis at Setia Mitra South Jakarta Hospital, Wednesday 8 April. 

“Our brother, Glenn Fredly, passed away tonight. Please forgive all the harm. He who is always present moves us all,” the singer Tompi wrote through WhatsApp. Tompi was a collaborator with Glen through Trio Lestari, with singer Sandy Sandoro. 

Glenn was indeed always known as a mobilizer. His human spirit was high and always appeared. When Ambon was wracked with violence some time ago, Glenn also appeared as a mover at a peace concert. 

“He knows when he must be paid handsomely for his appearance and when he does not want to be paid for his idealism,” wrote former director of TVRI Helmy Yahya on his Facebook account. 

Glenn Fredly Latuhaimallo was born in Jakarta 30 September 1975. He began his singing career as a vocalist for the group Funk Section. 

In 1995 a year after Glenn graduated from high school in the Funk Section launched an exclusive album that was nicely packaged. 

Three years later, Glenn decided to go solo as a singer, and launched an album titled GLENN which contained eight songs. He released his second album in 2000 with the title of the album Back in it there are hits like “Greetings to Friends” and “Love White”. 

Glenn’s third album, “Good Morning World” was released in 2003 and exploded. Some songs topped the charts at the time like “January”. 

Glenn continued to print slick works. Glenn also cared about the environment. This was shown when he took part in a charity concert titled “Soul For Indonesian Earth”, in recognition of the earth, on July 7, 2007. 

Glenn has now left. He not only left his wife Mutia Ayu and beloved daughter Gewa Atlana Syamayim Latuihamallo who was born on February 28, 2020 but also left sadness in the Indonesian music world. 

Rest in peace, Glenn Fredly, your name and your songs will be eternal. (rp) 


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