Giyanti Roastery manifests Indonesian supreme coffee beans into lives

A warm cup of Espresso is the coffee menu I ordered to start the day. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Enjoying a cup of coffee has now become a life­style and special “custom” for metropolitan citizens, especial­ly those residing in the capital. Various coffee shops offer dif­ferent taste preferences as the fierce rivalry over philosophical coffee services is growing rapidly. Of course, it came across as an enor­mous and divergent coffee variety of Indonesia and overseas products in every available store.

One of the coffee shops is Giyanti Coffee Roastery, situated at Surabaya Street 20, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Giyanti, which carries the meaning of ‘Java State’, is a coffee shop that brings the best coffee beans from several areas in the country, starting from owner Hendrik Halianto’s wish to introduce the best Indonesian coffee brews for locals and foreign customers. This place opened in late November 2017, with a rustic interior concept and black ceiling.

The anterior possess a homey front yard vibe as rustling pool water resonance will calm your mind. Red brick walls exposed with white paint and a number of yellow-dim chan­deliers add warmth to the 50 square meter room. Some of the decorations are Indonesian typical objects such as petromax lamps, ancient ther­mos, old scales, traditional Indone­sian games, and other décor, spread around the room. Giyanti is divided into two sections: smoking area out­door and smoking-free indoors.

At the bar, the owner puts an Athena Leva type of Victoria Arduino espresso machine using a three-le­vered piston system. In polished red-brass, this machine has been set in such a way to maximize coffee extraction. Next to the entrance, Hen­drik locates a ten kilogram Petroncini roasting machine from Italy, one of his favourite hallmarks.

Specializing in Arabica coffee, Gi­yanti obtains coffee beans directly from local coffee farmers across the country such as West Java, Toraja, Sumatra, Flores, and even Bali. Sip­ping a cup of coffee feels imperfect without light snacks, hence Giyanti offers homemade light meal menus as side dishes. Best-selling one is Apple Pie, a flaky Australian pastry comprised of fresh apple filling and fairly sweet cream, with crunchy and soft texture in every bite. There are also Gluten Free Brownies made from ingredients that contain wheat flour, macadamia nuts, choco­late chips and dark chocolate. Solid texture dominates the presence but softer sensation will strike inside your mouth, presented in a lightly sweet and chocolate-based flavour. In addi­tion to both delicacies, you can also enjoy other menu items, such as first-rate croissants, fine cookies, and tempting macaroons.

If you are one of the coffee lovers and fan of ancient items, Giyanti Cof­fee Roastery should become the next stopover for your weekend getaway. (Aldo)