Gives birth to a single “Abu-abu” during the pandemic

Nidji. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – During the Covid-19 pandemic, creativity must not stop, works must continue to be launched, and the spirit must be kept alive. This is what the Nidji band consisting of Ariel Harsya (guitar), Ramadhista Akbar (guitar), Andro Regantoro (bass), Randy Danistha (keyboard), Adri Prakarsa (drums) and Yusuf Ubay (vocals) released a new single “Abu-abu” which can be enjoyed since July 24 through digital music services. 

“Abu-abu” (gray) is a color that lies between the contrast of black and white, often symbolizing obscurity and uncertainty. Since the end of the first quarter of 2020, almost all activities have gone uncharacteristically. 

The song “Abu-abu” reflects the current condition in which many parties are feeling restless during the pandemic, one of which is because the news on social media is absurd or unclear. “This song was written in early 2020 when I was playing the piano accompanied by my second child (Sakha), then I asked for help for the theme of the song. For a moment Sakha answered “Abu-abu!” and after that a wide variety of themes about gray came to my head which turned out to be very relevant to the current conditions,” Randy said, in the release received by IO. 

With the music and lyrics created by Randy, the arrangement of the song “Abu-abu” which was composed by Ariel as producer and Heston as co-producer, succeeded in bringing listeners to follow a rhythm that was not rushed, but constant from beginning to end, colored by the musical intonation and song that rose to the climax by Ubay. 

Completion of the song “Abu-Abu” which coincided with the Ramadan 2020, carries an additional meaning that at times like this can be a moment contemplation and a break from the life routines we lived before. Contemplation with the song “Gray” makes us increasingly aware that so far, the scariest creatures in the universe are humans. 

Defamation, civil war, racism, irresponsible content creators, are now becoming clear. “All signs of the end times are progressively being shown,” he said. 

Nidji emphasized “Abu-abu” illustrates how many things in the world are not limited by black and white. In addition, “Abu-abu” becomes a portrait of one’s frustration with the fading of a thick line between two different things but gradually becomes blurred. Randy said, “I created this song on canvas like a painting of realism in 2020. As human beings, we will instinctively look for answers to solutions to things we will never know.” (rp)