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Gissel Class concept takes 2020 National Essay Competition


IO, Purwokerto – Eka Aprianti, a Dentistry student at the Faculty of Medicine, Jenderal Sudirman University (Unsoed), Purwokerto, Central Java, has won second place in the 2020 National Essay Competition held by the Student Executive Body (BEM), Faculty of Language and Arts, Surabaya State University online, April 12-May 19, 2020. His theme was “The Role of Students Through Educational Innovation in Realizing 2045 Golden Indonesia” and was divided into several sub-themes, namely, education, technology, economics, health and culture, with participation by 126 others from all parts of the country. 

Eka (her nickname) wrote an essay on the field of health, outperforming Fileksius Gullo, a participant from the University of Santa Dharma, Yogyakarta, who won 3rd place. The first-place winner was Jaka Adiguna Ramadhan from Patimura University. Eka’s work was entitled “Gissel Class (Healthy Teeth Always) Mother-Child: Innovation of Mother and Child Walking Education Classes in Rural Areas as a Form of Contributions of Dentistry Students Toward Golden Indonesia 2045”. 

“The Gissel class is a real movement in the concept of education of dentistry students in shaping the golden generation of Indonesia by 2045. We are trying to educate elementary school-age children and parents, in this case, mothers,” she was quoted as saying by Unsoed Public Relations, Monday (6/15/2020). 

The concept of education is beneficial not only for the community but also for students as the main movers. By engaging directly with the community, students will encounter problems that arise. Direct complaints and questions raised by the community can train students to think critically and be sensitive to various problems that surround them. 

“With their academic abilities, students should be part of problem solvers in the community. Students must be able to mobilize existing potential, according to their capacity,” she said. 

Eka revealed a distinct impression after participating in this competition. “I’m grateful to be able to participate, and this is my first experience in an essay contest with a writing format that is quite different from other scientific papers. All is inseparable in the learning process from lecturers who guide us to write with a good format and writing style,” she said. 

She also advised fellow students to not be afraid to start writing and learn to convey ideas through writing, because by writing, our names will be remembered until the end of time. (*/est) 


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