Gisella Anastasia, singer – Goosebumps seeing the atmosphere of IBL


Jakarta, IO – Famous Indonesian singer Gisella Anastasia was a spectator at the second series of the Indonesia Basketball League (IBL) in Malang, Friday 3 February. Gisel came to watch the match between Dewa United Banten and Tangerang Hawks. 

“I’m here to provide my support for Dewa United,” said Gisel. Dewa United Banten is a team where Gisele’s former boyfriend, Wijaya Saputra, serves as general manager. Wijin, Wijaya’s nickname, is also a former professional basketball player. Interestingly, Gisele’s ex-husband, Gading Marten also took part in IBL, as Main Director of the West Bandits Solo club. 

“Today’s match was very exciting. They excelled, then followed again,” said Gisel. In Dewa United Banten, Gisel apparently has a favorite player. There is one player she admires as friendly. “Anthony Johnson: his smile is sweet,” said Gisel. 

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Overall, Gisel was impressed with IBL’s atmosphere in Malang. There were a few moments when Gisel got goosebumps because of the high tension of the match. “It is undeniable – IBL is always able to present an extraordinary match atmosphere,” said Gisel. (rp)