“Ghost votes” and “ghost voting points” bolstered incumbent votes in Central & East Java

Agus Maksum. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO, Jakarta – The mediaverse is again abuzz with the findings of significantly increased number of votes in Central Java and East Java in a short period of time. According to available info, the increase of East Java and Central Java votes in just 1 year is 9,270,954 votes.

A comparison between the number of votes in the 2019 Presidential Elections and the 2018 Central Java and East Java Gubernatorial Elections will clarify everything. In the 2018 Central Java Gubernatorial Elections, Ganjar obtained 10,362,694 votes and Sudirman obtained 7,267,993 votes, making the total vote count 17,630,687. However, the number of votes spiked in the 2019 Presidential Elections, wherein Jokowi obtained 16,825,511 votes and Prabowo 4,944,447 votes, with total vote at 21,769,958. In just 1 year, there was an increase of 4,139,271 votes.

Similarly, in the 2018 East Java Gubernatorial Elections, Khofifah gained 10,465,218 votes and Saifullah gained 9,076,014 votes, making the total of votes 19,541,232. In the 2019 Presidential Elections, Jokowi gained 16,231,668 votes and Prabowo gained 8,441,247 votes, making the total 24,672,915. That means that there is an addition of 5,131,683 votes in 1 year, making the total combined increase of votes in East Java and Central Java to be 9,270,954 votes.

There are other examples of votes being added on a smaller scale; for example, in the Regency of Magelang. Its population in 2019 is 643,140 people, with 449,252 of them having voting rights. However, in the 2019 Presidential Elections, Jokowi obtained 601,147 votes and Prabowo 230,540 votes, making the total of votes at 831,687. Therefore, the difference between the recorded vote and registered voters is 449,252 votes. This is what is called “ghost votes” by Agus Maksum, Cyber Director of (Badan Pemenangan Nasional Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno – “BPN Prabowo-Sandi”).

Agus stated that the reason these frauds are discovered was the failure to disqualify 17.5 million dubious items from the Final Voters’ List (Daftar Pemilih Tetap – “DPT”). Other than ghost votes, Agus also mentioned that more than 3,000 Ghost Voting Points (Tempat Pemungutan Suara – “TPS”) having appeared in the 2019 Elections. According to Statistics Indonesia (Badan Pusat Statistik – “BPS”) data, there are 810,329 TPS in 2019, but the number of TPS increased 813,350 (a difference of 3,021 TPS). “DPT correction was never completed. We did not get final DPT until Presidential Elections were held,” Agus said on Tuesday (14/05/2019).

Agus stated that his team discovered 17.5 million “ghost” voter names in the DPT and 6.1 million double-listed names. This number does not include 18.8 million invalid names BPN discovered in five provinces on Java. Agus added that millions of voters were listed as being born on the same date, i.e. 9.8 million voters born on 1 July. In fact, one TPS even has 228 voters born on the same date. “There are also 117,333 manipulated Family Cards. When we checked at the site, we discovered ghost names in the DPT, and we have proof,” he said. (Dan)


2018 Central Java Gubernatorial Elections results Ganjar = 10,362,694 Said = 7,267,993 Total = 17,630,687 2019 Presidential Elections results Jokowi = 16,825,511 Prabowo = 4,944,447 Total = 21,769,958 Increased vote in a year 4,139,271 2018 East Java Gubernatorial Elections results   Khofifah = 10.465.218 Saifullah = 9.076.014 Total = 19.541.232 Supposed 2019 Presidential Elections results Jokowi = 16.231.668 Prabowo = 8.441.247 Total = 24.672.915 Increased vote in a year 5,131,683
Total Central Java and East Java vote increase in 1 year: 9,270,954