Tuesday, September 26, 2023 | 13:37 WIB

Getting to know Pasar Senen, the oldest and largest secondhand clothing market in Jakarta


Jakarta, IO – Most Jakartans are probably familiar with Pasar Senen, one of the largest wholesale markets in the capital, where one can find a wide variety of products, from clothing to vehicle accessories.

It is also known as the hub for imported used clothing (thrifting), offered at bargain price, reported Merdeka, Wednesday (29/3). The market was named Senen because trading activities were originally held every Monday and was dominated by ethnic Chinese traders.

The market in the Central Jakarta was constructed on August 30, 1733 by a landlord and architect named Yustinus Vinck on land owned by a member of the Council of the Indies named Cornelis Chastelein.

During the 1930s, the area became a gathering place for young intellectuals and resistance movement leaders from Stovia, including Chairul Saleh, Adam Malik, Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta. They often held meetings here.


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