Getting to know Karawang specialty treats, including the listed as UNESCO cultural heritage

Dodong Hideung Ketan. (Source: Klilkkarawang)

Jakarta, IO – Indonesia with its diverse ethnic groups and cultures also has various kinds of culinary delights. Almost all regions in Indonesia have their own specialty treats.

Karawang, an industrial city in West Java is also known for its snacks; one of them has even been recognized by UNESCO. Here are a number of Karawang’s specialty snacks that every food afficionado must try, reported Inews, Tuesday (31/1).

  1. Kue Gonjing

This cake’s main ingredients are coconut and flour. It has a savoury and sweet taste because it is sprinkled with white powdered sugar. Gonjing is relatively easy to find because they are sold by mobile vendors.

  1. Es Walikota

It looks like other icy treats and is popular to quench thirst. The name walikota (mayor) come from the acronym es warung lingkungan kota (urban environment ice stall). You can choose your own topping and filling to enjoy, from fruit slices such as pineapple, melon, watermelon to kolang kaling (sugar palm tree fruit), nata de coco (bacterial cellulose) and various jellies.

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  1. Opak Ketan Rawagede

This one is not easy to find. The striking difference from the other opak ketan is its smaller size and unique taste. Opak ketan Rawagede comes in two variants – the original one and the equally delicious grilled type.

  1. Dodong Hideung Ketan

It tastes predominantly sweet taste and is made from black glutinous rice that is processed in special manner. As a snack, it is a popular oleh-oleh (gift) from Karawang. The citizens of Karawang also take pride that Dodong Hideung Ketan is named as a UNESCO cultural heritage. (un)