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Getting rid of its scary image, a graveyard in Malang painted in bright colors


Jakarta, IO – About 200 graves in the Jatiguwi Village Public Cemetery (TPU), Malang, East Java had their tombstones painted in vivid colors, which makes it look unique compared typical graveyard where the tombstones made of white or black marble, reported Detik Travel, Saturday (27/5).

There are headstones and gravestones (stones encircling the tomb that are attached to the tombstone) that are painted in striking red, blue, yellow, and also green color. As the graveyard is located on the north side of the Malang-Blitar highway, its transformation has attracted the attention of nearby residents and passing motorists.

Two huge banyan trees growing on the cemetery ground also provide ample shade. Tukiman, 58, the caretaker, said the painting was only done at the beginning of last Ramadan to get rid of its image as a haunted place.

“It was part of the village program to make it look clean and not haunted,” he explained.

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Separately, Jatiguwi Village chief Enggar Sri Wahyuningtyas admitted that at first the effort faced funding constraints. However, one of the resident had the intention of painting his family’s grave. Then, other residents who knew about the idea gathered to contribute paint and labor.

“So this effort was done purely from donation of the residents, not using the village budget. We are grateful that the idea can be realized,” he explained. (at)


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