Getting pretty with Alatté Beauty

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Nowadays, cosmetic products are much in demand, including in Indonesia. According to data from the Ministry of Industry, in 2019 the cosmetics industry in Indonesia grew by 7%, showing how people here are starting to have more interest in cosmetics. This situation is also supported by the number of new local cosmetic brands that have sprung up, as well as a large amount of cosmetic content on social media.

Seeing this situation, PT. Aurora Cantika Globalindo, which is part of Gayo Capital, presents a new local cosmetic brand named “Alatté”. Gayo Capital is aware that Indonesian producers deserve proper support to utilize the strengths of the current B2C downstream industry, especially the eCommerce marketplace, which has received major funding from both local and foreign investors. The marketing funds and support for the downstream industry ecosystem can support local producers and brands where Alatté can be a good start for Gayo Capital to enter the “lifestyle” industry, specifically for Indonesian producers and MSMEs, with the hope that Alatté can encourage and advance the local cosmetics industry.

Following the campaign to support every woman to respect and encourage her to love herself, Alatté carries the theme “Respect Yourself”, which presents a spirit of folklore that is very warm to the ears of Indonesian women. According to Dyah Prastiti as the founder of Alatté, this theme was chosen with the beauty that rises on your command tagline, because it wants to answer the problem that there are still many young people who do not realize their potentials and strengths. “Whereas it is important for us to strengthen our potential, love and respect ourselves, so that we have the opportunity to enjoy a more successful life in the future,” said Dyah smiling.

Carrying the concept of quality products that have been registered with BPOM at affordable prices. The product that Alatté launched for the first time was a lip veil with 6 color variations, with the advantage of a velvet lip which has soft colors that match Asian skin tones, especially Indonesia, and eyebrow pencils with 3 color variants. Alatté was born amid a pandemic, as a cosmetic that brings new technology to answer the needs of makeup that promotes its slogan “Say no to dry” by having good and safe ingredients for healthy skin & lips to be moisturized all day long.

Alatté beauty has been sold online and has been available in several retail stores since its launch. “We hope that Alatté can be a solution for a variety of cosmetics, according to the needs of the current pandemic, to stay healthy and moist throughout the day,” said Dyah.

Alatté has previously conducted surveys and research since 2019 to get quality products. Although launched in the difficult situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that Alatté cosmetics sales continue to increase significantly and the demand to become a reseller agent in a few regions has been very positive.

“We launched during the COVID-19 Pandemic and in this blessed month of Ramadan, it turns out that the response to requests as a reseller has increased. Sales are stable, even tend to increase. Maybe because the awareness to be happy and love yourself is getting higher,” concluded Dyah.

Alatté beauty is ready to pamper and provide a wide selection of attractive cosmetics for Indonesians.

Alatté launched its product for the first time on April 21, 2021, which coincides with Kartini Day, celebrating the tough female warrior. This launch began with a party, together with Indonesian beauty influencers & celebrities.

Do you want to be beautiful? Alatté beauty is your girl.