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German soccer vibes at the Bayern Munich Stadium and Museum


IO – Soccer is one of Germany’s biggest pride and joys. This sport is so much an institution in the country that Germany even offers soccer-related tourism! FC Bayern Munich, one its best and biggest clubs, has complemented its stadium with a soccer museum, turning it into a popular tourist destination. Allianz Arena, the Bayern Munich stadium, is visited by many who are not soccer enthusiasts. A lot of them don’t know and don’t care about soccer – they just want to take a gander at what’s inside this unique, beautiful stadium.

Allianz Arena, the Beautiful Lifeboat Stadium

Allianz Arena Stadium. Looking at it standing tall in the Fröttmaning District, northern Munich, you feel like you’re looking at a giant futuristic lifeboat. This oval, pure-white building is covered with rhombus panels that are actually lovely LED lights. These lights change colors according to their program – red, blue, yellow, green, purple – all colors of the rainbow. The name “Allianz Arena” is emblazoned proudly on one side of the stadium. This is the best photo spot for visitors who just arrived right outside the stadium.

Allianz Arena Stadium
The interior of the Stadium.

Is it enough to just get selfies outside the stadium? I don’t think so! If you’re already at the globally renowned Allianz Arena, might as well explore the inside too.

There are ordinary group tours and individual VIP tours of Arena. Ordinary tours will take 60 minutes and cost you € 12.00 (about IDR 196,000.00) per adult person (14 years of age and up), and will only start when 20 people have gathered. Children’s tickets are € 6.50 (about IDR 106,000.00) each for children 6-12 years old, free for babies and toddlers 0-5 years old, and they must be strictly accompanied by adult guardians.

Yes, these are guided tours, and the Allianz Arena guides will be happy to accompany you to check the stadium’s middle tier, main stand lower tier, press conference area, players’ dressing room and entry tunnel, the mixed Zone/media area, and the promenade/stadium exterior.

VIP tours are meant for young and mature adults at least 14 years of age, with ticket prices at € 29.00 (about IDR 473,000.00) each. This tour is 120 minutes long – 90 minutes for the tour proper with guides, and 30 minutes for a wine reception. VIP tours include the places shown in the ordinary tour, as well as the upper tier, with explanation of external façade, the executive boxes, the Business Club with VIP guest area and seating, and the touchline and dug-outs.

Sparkling wine and mineral water are provided during the tour and reception. Both VIP and ordinary tours are also available for the disabled.


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