Gerindra on 13th Anniversary: Renewed commitment to defend Pancasila, Constitution of 1945 and NKRI

Celebration of the 13th Anniversary of the Great Indonesia Movement (Gerakan Indonesia Raya – “Gerindra”) Party. (Photo: Gerindra)

IO – General Chairman of Gerindra Party (Great Indonesia Movement) Prabowo Subianto has validated the Central Committee leadership selection made by the Party’s Extraordinary Congress, first held on 8 August 2020 and confirmed Saturday 6 February 2021, on the occasion of the 13th Anniversary of the Party. The Anniversary was celebrated at Padepokan Garuda Yaksa, Hambalang, Bogor, with due compliance to COVID-19 health protocols.

In the confirmation of new postings,  Prabowo  appointed  M.  Ifran Yusuf Hasyim, familiarly known as “Gus Irfan” of the Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School, Jombang, East Java, a grandson of NahdlatulUlama (“NU”) founder, K. H. Hasyim Ashari, as  Gerindra  Party’s  Vice  General Chairman. Other Gerindra top executives appointed on the same day include  Sufmi  Dasco  Ahmad,  the new Executive Chairman of Gerindra Party; Sandiaga Uno, the new Vice Chairman of Gerindra Party’s Guidance Council; and Ahmad Muzani, the Party’s General Secretary. Prabowo Subianto himself was again named General Chairman and Chairman of the Party’s Advisory Council in the Extraordinary Congress. He was also granted sole authority to organize the memberships of the Guidance Council, the Advisory Council, the Expert Council, and the Central Leadership Council of Gerindra Party.

Ahmad Muzani reported this decision in a written statement read out in Hambalang, Regency of Bogor, West Java, during the Anniversary Celebration. The Celebration was virtually attended by Gerindra leaders and management at provincial, regency, and municipal levels, as well as Gerindra members in the provincial, regency, and municipal Regional Houses of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah – “DPRD”) from throughout Indonesia. Muzani further stated that Prabowo exhorts the Party to provide space for those individuals who are willing to fight alongside them. Gerindra requires a lot of energy, a lot of power provided by all the people who work together to achieve common goals. “With the confirmation of Gerindra Party leadership by its General Chairman, H. Prabowo Subianto, these appointees have obtained the legitimacy they need to be able to take steps to implement Party programs in order to achieve political objectives, in its service towards the people,” he said.

In the course of serving the people, the nation, and the State, Gerindra Party cadres may frequently suffer insults, reprimands, and curses. However, Prabowo stated through Muzani that the cadres should continue the good work of strengthening unity and friendship among the varied ethnicities, tribal origins, religious faiths, and languages used by Indonesian citizens, “As these differences cause our citizens to be vulnerable to provocation to dissension. Therefore, as a great political force and movement, Gerindra Party must remain tireless and patient in facing this situation, as we need to serve as the glue that unites, integrates, and strengthen the diverse citizens of Indonesia.”

Prabowo further asked Muzani to announce his message in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic: “Cadres should  continue  performing  their political moves and make use of all existing opportunities in a new way, a healthy way. All of us should be vaccinated in order to maintain our respective health. Gerindra Party’s commitment to protect Pancasila, the Constitution of 1945, the NKRI, and the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika means that we need to maintain our integrity and unity as the pillars of Indonesia’s strength in any situation. This is non-negotiable. Pak Prabowo has asked me to urge cadres to continue their fight – to never give up, never tire of the struggle, never feel defeat. Patience and consistency in our service must remain our core struggle,” Muzani said. (Des)