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Geopolitical Changes and the Significance of Russia’s New Foreign Policy Concept


Jakarta, IO – Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an order to endorse Russia’s updated foreign policy concept which was complied and presented by the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs. The new concept was updated to incorporate additional measures and redefine parameters of necessary actions, especially against consistent the United States, Western and European confrontation and determine important roles in the emerging multipolar world by the Russian Federation. 

Putin explained, at a meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council on March 31, the need for a major adjustment of key strategic planning documents, including the foreign policy concept, on the basis of drastic changes on the world stage. 

“The Foreign Ministry, acting in collaboration with the presidential administration, the office of the Security Council, the government and numerous ministries and agencies, has done extensive, thorough work to update and harmonize the concept with current geopolitical realities. This is a balanced document that will serve as a basis for our practical actions in the mid-term and more distant future.” Putin said in his introductory remarks. 

In a concized speech during the meeting, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized that the new concept takes into the provisions of the National Security Strategy, which was approved by in 2021. It also notes a high degree of continuity with the previous edition of 2016 in terms of the fundamental principles of our foreign policy, primarily its independence and focus on creating favorable external conditions for the progressive development of Russia, ensuring its security and improving the well-being of Russian citizens. 

“The logic of the document reflects the changing geopolitical realities, in fact, revolutionary advances on the outer contour, which have received a visible acceleration with the start of a special military operation,” Lavrov told the meeting. 

He, however, added: “In particular, the unprecedented level of international tension over the past decade is stated. The existential nature of threats to the security and development of our country, created by the actions of unfriendly states, is recognized. The main initiator and conductor of the anti-Russian line is directly named the United States of America, and in general, the policy of the West, aimed at the all-round weakening of Russia, is characterized as a hybrid war of a new type.” 

The main long-term trends in international development are characterized, including the crisis of economic globalization, which until recently was carried out according to American rules. One of the factors is that the world economy is undergoing a major restructuring and is moving to a new technological basis. The redistribution of development potential in favor of new centers of growth leads to the formation of a multipolar world order, and this is a key trend in international relations at the present stage. 


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