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Geological Agency says Cipeles fault causes Sumedang quake


Jakarta, IO – The Geological Agency of the Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) said a segment of the Cipeles fault was the cause of the earthquake in Sumedang regency, West Java.

Joko Wahyudino, a researcher from the Geological Survey Center, said the Cipeles fault appeared on the surface, cut through layers of soil, and caused several houses to collapse.

“The Cipeles segment is an active fault that we discovered in the field,” said Joko, per Republika, Frid (5/1).

The fault is located in the Cipeles River with the direction of the southwest-northeast fault segment relatively to the north. The segment is at the northeastern tip of the Cileunyi-Tanjungsari fault.

The field observations succeeded in finding several evidence of faults, both old and young faults that occurred as a result of the earthquake.

On the same occasion, geological expert Eka Adi Saputra said this suggests that the fault segment is active or was reactivated.

“Based on geological maps, in general the rocks at the center of the earthquake are the product of old or young volcanoes. The Cipeles fault cuts through quaternary rocks which indicates it is an active fault,” he explained.

“In the northeast there are old rocks which are generally clay rocks. We found evidence that the fault was going left, along the cracks there were several damaged houses,” he added.

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The Geological Agency calls for increasing mitigation efforts and spatial planning in areas prone to earthquake disasters. People who live and carry out activities in areas are advised to be more aware about earthquake mitigation.

“Regional regulations regarding earthquake mitigation need to be prepared,” said Eka. (at)


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