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General Attorney Office seize 566 plots of land and 20 ships in Asabri corruption


IO – The General Attorney’s Office has impounded a large number of assets belonging to the suspects in the Asabri corruption case, including land assets. “We have confiscated a total of 194 hectares of land split into 566 plots located in the Maja region, Regency of Lebak, Banten, belonging to suspect Benny Tjokro, former Commissioner of PT Hanson International,” said the General Attorney Office Special Crime Junior Attorney’s Director of Investigation, Febrie Adriansyah, at the General Attorney’s Office Complex, on Tuesday (09/02/2021).

Febrie went on to say that these lands seized from Benny Tjokro are different from the assets confiscated from the same person in the Jiwasraya corruption case. “They are completely different,” he said. “Please don’t ask about other assets relating to the Asabri case right now. Intense meetings are taking place with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights about investigating more assets relating to the Asabri case abroad. We need to determine how the investigation will go on from here,” he said.

The  General  Attorney’s Office further confiscated 20 ships belonging the former President of Trada Alam Minera, Heru Hidayat (“HH”), another suspect in the case. One of these ships is the biggest transport ship in Indonesia. “We have impounded 20 ships. The Asabri case is completely the doings of HH, and we will go after his assets no matter where they may be. One of the ships is the biggest transport ship in Indonesia for Liquefied Natural Gas, called the LNG Aquarius,” Febrie said. “I will not state any details yet, but Heru Hidayat had 20 ships of differing types that we have confiscated.”

The complex corruption and investment deviation case that hit PT Asabri has multiple suspects. “We have named eight suspects in the case, two of them being former President Directors of PT Asabri Adam Damiri and Sonny Widjaja,” said the Head of the General Attorney’s   Legal Information Center, Leonard Ebenezer Simanjuntak, at the General Attorney’s Office, on Monday (01/02/2021). “Among the suspects in the Asabri case are two suspects of the earlier Jiwasraya case, i.e., the former Commissioner of PT Hanson International Benny Tjokrosaputro (“Benny Tjokro”) and former President of PT Trada Alam Minera Heru Hidayat.”

The General Attorney’s Office declared that based on the calculations made by the Audit Board (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan – “BPK”) during its audit, the State lost IDR 23.7 trillion in the PT Asabri case. The suspects involved in the huge case are:

  1. Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Adam Rachmat Damiri (PT Asabri’s President Director, 2011-2016 term of office)
  2. Lieut. Gen. (Ret.) Sonny Widjaja (PT Asabri’s President Director, 2016-2020 term of office)
  3. Bachtiar Effendi (PT Asabri’s Head of Finance and Investment Division, 2012-2015 term of office)
  4. Hari Setianto (PT Asabri’s Director of Finance and Investment, 2013-2019 term of office)
  5. Ilham W. Siregar (PT Asabri’s Head of Finance and Investment Division, 2012-2017 term of office)
  6. Lukman Purnomosidi (former President Director of PT Prima Jaringan)
  7. Heru Hidayat (former President of PT Trada Alam Minera)
  8. Benny Tjokrosaputro (former Commissioner of PT Hanson International Tbk.). (des)


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