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Geisha premieres “Love Recalls” Album with lead single “Jika Cinta Dia”


Jakarta, IO – Geisha, a pop band based in Pekanbaru, has successfully released an album titled “Love Recalls”, featuring songs that have been attached to the ears of the Indonesian people, but with new and modern musical colors, wrapped in Regina Poetiray’s distinctive vocals. 

The “Love Recalls” album holds a special meaning for Geisha. This album marks a new chapter in their musical journey, with a genre shift towards “dream pop” and contemporary arrangements, through action shows where Geisha never fails to deliver innovative ideas and dare listeners to get out of their comfort zone. 

Geisha’s latest album features 6 songs: 

1. Jika Cinta Dia (Love Recalls Version) 

2. Kamu Yang Pertama (Love Recalls Version) 

3. Pergi Saja (Love Recalls Version) 

4. Karena Kamu (Love Recalls Version) 

5. Takkan Pernah Ada (Love Recalls Version) 

6. Cinta Dan Benci (Love Recalls Version) 

Geisha also chose ‘‘Jika Cinta Dia’’ as the lead single for this album, “After further discussion, the decision was finally made to make ‘Jika Cinta Dia’ the flagship single. For us, this song has a sacred and precious element: the reason Geisha can be widely recognized and can continue to make art derives from the song,” said a member. 

According to Geisha, challenges faced in the production of the “Love Recalls” album included lengthy brainstorming or exchanging opinions between musicians and producers, especially regarding musical references. “One of our memorable experiences during the process of making this album was having the opportunity to work with Dreane (band), Enrico Octaviano (Lomba Sihir personnel), Ivan Dewanto, Agung Munthe (HOOK) and Andi Armand (Fourtwnty producer). Through this collaboration, Geisha managed to produce the album “Love Recalls” with very colorful music while maintaining the essence and originality of the previous songs” they explained. 

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With that said, Geisha invites us to enjoy this work of art. In addition, Geisha also hopes that this album can be welcomed with enthusiastic support and the public can witness the evolution of their music. 

Geisha’s “Love Recalls Version’’ album is now available on all digital music platforms Spotify, Apple Music, Langit Musik, YouTube Music, TikTok Music and Trebel. About the Music Video, you can watch it on Musica Studio’s YouTube channel. (des/ast)


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