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Gas stoves more economical for the people, says observer


2022-07-19 - Pemerintah Akan Kaji Kenaikan Harga LPG 3Kg-
Illustration of 3 kg LPG. (IO/Muhammad Hidayat)

“If gas stoves are converted into electric stoves, the public will have to incur additional costs that are quite significant. If this is paid by the government, then it will raise the subsidies,” said Bhima, CNBC Indonesia reported on Tuesday (27/9).

Cost aside, the program would also affect the sustainability of MSMEs engaged in the culinary sector, where most players are of the lower middle class. According to him, technical aspect such as the time it takes to reach the ideal heat when cooking with an electric stove will also cause additional burden for the community.

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The gas-to-electric stoves conversion program aims to reduce PT. PLN’s excess electricity supply. However, the program was postponed because it caused a controversy in the society. In addition, the government admits that it is taking into account the risks and need more time to educate the public. (un)


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