Ganji: PSY’s collaboration song with Jessi

PSY, (Source: INSTAGRAM @42PSY42)

Korea, IO – PSY has revealed that featuring the American-Korean rapper, Jessi, has made their collaborative song “Ganji” even more fantastic. 

As one of the songs in his new album, PSY 9th, Ganji is scheduled to be released on April 29, 2022. After five long years of listening to PSY’s previous hits, PSY 9th has finally made his comeback official. 

“Without her [Jessi], this song would be different. She instills her personality to the song, and just like the song’s title, Ganji (cool) is cool,” said PSY via Twitter Sunday (4/24/2022). 

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Jessi was also very impressed with PSY’s beats and Ganji’s song. Jessi revealed that her verse on the upcoming rap song originally featured more English lyrics but was changed after a request from PSY – which she ended up using as inspiration. “Psy Oppa told me to get my Korean straight / I said, Imma do me,” said Jessi. “I recorded my part and immediately sent it to PSY, but PSY’s Oppa kept asking me to continue using Korean,” she explained.