Ganjar will see dead end if he runs without PDI-P, says observer

Rocky Gerung
Founder of P2D Rocky Gerung. (Source: instagram/rocky_gerung)

Rocky Gerung noted that Ganjar’s high electability in a number of surveys would be meaningless if he runs without PDI-P. According to him, NasDem, which made Ganjar one of their potential presidential candidates, is also aware of this.

“Who will want to vote for him? NasDem thought that they can take Ganjar and get PDIP, right? Now PDI-P has said no, he id effectively crippled, who will accept a crippled person?” he said.

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Rocky Gerung his statement did not aim to prevent Ganjar from running in 2024. However, according to him, Ganjar’s path would not be smooth if he dares run without PDI-P.

“I am not trying to prevent Ganjar from running. As a citizen, of course he has the right. But it’s a nonsensical calculation to run without PDI-P,” he said. (un)