Friday, September 22, 2023 | 04:19 WIB

GANGSAR #2 Gugur Gunung features works of Yogyakartan artists


Yogyakarta, IO – Renowned as the City of Culture, Yogyakarta is also a burgeoning arts space. To enliven the 2022 Yogyakarta Cultural Festival, the city’s artists display their works in an exhibition titled GANGSAR #2 Gugur Gunung.

The uniqueness of cultural acculturation in every corner of the city cannot be separated from the rich history of the city itself and its transformation from time to time. The role of humanists, artists, communities and the city government has contributed to the advancement of the city’s cultural elements.

The Yogyakarta City Government through the Yogyakarta City Cultural Service has again participated in this year’s cultural festival themed “Merekah Ruah” held from September 12-25, 2022.

One of the activities is the Yogyakarta City Artist Exhibition titled GANGSAR #2 Gugur Gunung from September 17-23, 2022 held at the Kotagede Museum.


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