Galeri Indonesia Kaya: #PentasDaringRuangKreatif

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Having developed creatively for seven years, Galeri Indonesia Kaya today presents a variety of shows that can be watched through its Indonesiakaya YouTube account. Currently, through the #NontonTeaterDiRumahAja, Galeri Indonesia Kaya, together with Garin Nugroho, presents a program entitled #PentasDaringRuangKreatif, that discusses performing arts. This program is part of the Creative Space: Indonesian Performing Arts events which have been held since 2016, presenting a series of activities ranging from Creative Performing Arts Talk Roadshows, Art Project Development Proposal selection, Pitching Forum, Workshop, Mentoring of performing arts production. 

At the end of last week, #PentasDaringRuangKreatif presented a performance entitled Sunar Rahwana, performed by Wayang Sunar, which could be watched on Saturday (17/10) at 15.00 on Indonesiakaya YouTube account. Through this performance, the art group from Karangasem, Bali wants to build a discourse on wayang and the importance of wayang art in our daily lives.. 

The work is a wayang performance that is packaged in a new form that combines three-dimensional wayang which emits light (Sunar), theater, vocal processing, choreography, and music, all of which are processed on a performance stage. The dialogue expressed through the choreography, as well as classical songs that are packaged in a more modern way, is a medium for expressing dialogue in Wayang Sunar’s works. 

Art lovers are also invited to watch the work of the Among Roso community from Semarang, Central Java. This community is engaged in dance displays with a work entitled NGAWAK which can be watched on Sunday (18/10) at 15.00 on the Indonesiakaya Youtube account. 

The NGAWAK performance, choreographed by Dionisius Wahyu Anggara Aji, features staccato movements, development of traditional movements, innovative movements, acrobatics, and body strength, starting from the empirical experience of the choreographer who reached the point of realizing that his body had to create new forms with various acrobatic movements. Each dancer displays his abilities; Rezky and Arif display the skill of dancing the ganong, Adi Nugroho, and Muhammad Maulana who have sophisticated dance skills in Surakarta. The dancers are united in beautiful gestures in this work.