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Gading Marten, West Bandits Solo President “With new name and sponsor, we are stronger than ever!”


IO – President of West Bandit Solo Basketball Gading Marten is quite the go-getter. A mere two months after his investiture as the team’s new president, he succeeded in obtaining a sponsor to support it in the upcoming Indonesian Basketball League (“IBL”) 2022 in January. “First of all, let me reintroduce our team with its new name: we are now West Bandits Combiphar Solo. With the new cooperation provided by Combiphar, we West Bandits Solo are certainly sharpening up in our preparations for the upcoming Season,” he said in the press conference held on Tuesday, 14 December.

Gading expressed his expectation that West Bandits Combiphar Solo can become champions in the upcoming IBL 2022. “Combiphar’s assistance has helped the Club become stronger in all aspects.

For itself Combiphar, joining forces with the West Bandits is a great addition to their program, “Combiphar: a Healthy Tomorrow”. They want to prove their words by encouraging Indonesians to live a healthier, more active lifestyle – by promoting us as a promising sports team. “There are many kinds of sports available for Indonesians, one being basketball. It has a history of attracting fans of different generations. It’s a sport that all levels of society can play. In fact, basketball players have their own image that’s different from that of other athletes,” said Combiphar’s President Director Michael Wanandi. “Combiphar hopes that by cooperating with this newer, yet significant club in the IBL, we can better educate the people about the importance of sports, as well as build a spirit of sportiness and persistence among them.”

Combiphar hopes that their commitment with West Bandits Combiphar Solo will be spread out to the people from all IBL fans. In the end, their great mission is to spur the growth of the sporting spirit through Indonesia’s basketball clubs. “In a narrower scope, we hope that our cooperation will encourage West Bandits Combiphar Solo athletes to work harder and get to the finals. This achievement will mean that they have grown into a team IBL can rely on more,” Michael said.

Meanwhile, William Ongkowijaya, owner of the West Bandits Combiphar Solo, expressed his pleasure with the step taken by Club management. “We are seeking to steadily maintain a professional club. We need synergy with strong sponsors to make the West Bandits stronger. Let’s hope that we can do even better from now on,” he said. (rp)


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