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Fuel price hike, protesters demand Jokowi to sack finance minister and ESDM minister


Jakarta, IO – Protesters from the Islamic Students Association (HMI-MPO) urged President Joko Widodo to promptly dismiss Finance Minister Sri Mulyani and Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Minister Arifin Tasrif and PT Pertamina board of directors whom they regard have failed to prevent subsidized fuel price hike which officially took effect last weekend.

The held a protest in front of the Sapta Pesona Building, Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, Jakarta as they were prevented by the police from demonstrating in front of the Presidential Palace, Medan Merdeka Barat St., CNN Indonesia reported on Monday (5/9).

One of the protesters stated that Jokowi’s policy to increase the prices of fuel is ill-timed as Indonesia is still facing an economic slowdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The government previously officially announced an increase in the price of subsidized fuel, namely Pertalite gasoline and diesel fuel. Pertalite rose from Rp7,650 to Rp10,000 per liter, diesel fuel from Rp5,150 to Rp6,800 per liter while unsubsidized Pertamax from Rp12,500 to Rp14,500 per liter. (un)


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