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From Samsons and Andien to Color Me Badd at Indonesia’s first Winter Concert


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia has a Winter Concert? Yes, we do, as a matter of fact. Indonesia’s first special snow theme concert was successfully held on June 7-8, 2024, at Trans Snow World Bintaro. The event, with a unique creative concept, was hosted by the Jakarta Experience Board (JXB) and produced by ImaginAction. It featured a selection of local performers, including Samsons, HIVI!, The Groove with Tiara Effendy, Andien & Iwa K, and the closing act, Color Me Badd, who few in directly from the United States. 

On the first day of the event, Samsons, best known for their song “Kenangan Terindah,” began a nostalgic performance with eight of their hit songs. The audience was completely hooked, singing along to every lyric with heartfelt enthusiasm. 

The second day of the Winter Concert was even more joyful, starting earlier in the afternoon with a special show featuring HIVI!. Fans of the band, known as Hi Friends, lined up in their winter outfits, excitedly waiting for their favorite band’s performance. HIVI! performed the song “Kereta Kencan,” which suited the snowy Winter Concert venue. 

The Winter Concert not only showcased contemporary musicians but also featured the legendary The Groove, a group who performed with Tiara Effendy on stage. In a special segment, the group sang a medley of famous international covers, including “I’ll Make Love to You” and “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men and “You Are The Universe” by The Brand New Heavies. 

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Where else can concertgoers witness Andien and Iwa K’s amazing collaboration, arriving from different genres? Only at the Winter Concert! Not only that, The Groove returned to perform Andien’s song “Rindu Ini” alongside Iwa K and Tiara Effendy. The audience enthusiastically sang and danced along, enjoying this unique collaboration. 

Color Me Badd, an American R&B group, delivered an outstanding performance to round up the second day of the Winter Concert. Founded in 1985, the group returned to Indonesia after their most recent tour in 2019. Mark, Kris, and Erick mesmerized the audience with their enthusiastic, synchronized movement. Each hit song was performed fawlessly. Color Me Badd’s energetic and Colorful performance perfectly matched the theme of the concert, especially in their song “Close to Heaven.” Color Me Badd successfully turned the chilly Winter Concert into a warm and lovely event. (des/ast)


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