‘From My Eyes’ a visual art projection by Azhar Horo

Azhar Horo, is giving information to the media about his solo exhibition at Galeri Nasional, Central Jakarta. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – In this art exhibition, Azhar Horo’s studio collaborated with National Gallery of Indonesia to hold a single exhibition by Azhar Horo, the artist himself entitled “from my eyes” in Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Central Jakarta on July 4-22, 2018. This exhibition presents a metamorphosis style of painting which later became a new identity for Azhar Horo. He was inspired from the tragedy of an earthquake that almost took his life several years ago. Azhar managed to transform the unexpected experience into visual artwork.

“The earthquake caused Azhar Horo to reflect on his soul that almost floated and was helped by a pile of paintings that were in front of him at the time. Some paintings are torn, it can not be repaired due to the factors of natural disasters at that time, “said exhibition curator Frigidanto Agung.

“Meanwhile, other items can still be saved. The dust from the fallen house covered the hair on his head. Even he himself emerged out of the ruins of earthquake while ducking, “said Agung.

The painter who had been named the ‘Best Painting from Fine Art Study Program’ by the Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta, in 1997, reveals the earthquake experience that almost took his life.

“I just replayed this incident through the memory of the incident that I experienced at the time. Through that, it inspired me to create a painting that reminded me of the collapsing of the house with the crumbling walls and the dust flying into the style of painting that I present on the canvas in my current exhibition, “Azhar said.

Through the incident, Azhar Horo seeks to cultivate the boxes into a real object, which eventually manifests into a pixels in his painting as a style of himself paying attention to the subject matter of painting, to be examined fundamentally and deeply. The pixels also form the real visual object if observed, as a basic knowledge of the events that he experienced at the time.

Previously, he was awarded ‘The Best Top Ten of Indonesian Art Awards’ awarded by renowned company Philip Morris Inc. during an art exhibition at the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. In 1999, he also received the award of ‘The Best Top Five of The Winsor Newton World Wide Millennium Painting Competition’.

“If you pay close attention to what he paints in depth, there will be a resemblance as to how the use of pixels in mass media photographs that is not to be revealed, such as a criminal, in a yellow newspaper, is always pixelated on his face so as not to show his real identity, “Said Agung.

“The power of pixels to mask a person’s identity in mass media photos is an inspiration for me to rework the visuals in my paintings so that they can be organized according to the forms I want”, continued Azhar Horo.

Now Azhar Horo is synonymous with dominant painting style by using pixels. It is a proof that his soul and life are his artworks. This is evident that even by a tragedy it can be an artistic visual presentation that is interesting and enjoyed by all. (aldo)