Freedom Institute, a haven for book lovers

Freedom Institute
A scene at the Freedom Institute library. (IO/Umamah)

Jakarta, IO – In 2019, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) published an eye-opening report on the level of reading interest among Indonesian people. The assessment? It is low. Although it was not explained further about the survey method used, the result was still surprising for some people.

Indeed, reading interest does not come naturally. There are “environmental” factors that influence it such as the family, friends and alma mater. Fortunately, the research does not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of those who really care about developing a culture of reading, especially with the emergence of e-books which has become increasingly widespread.

Freedom Institute

For book lovers, a library is still an oasis in the midst of hectic daily routines. This book lending service continues to adapt to the times. The trick is to keep increasing the number of collections and create a comfortable reading room for visitors.

Freedom Institute is one of the public libraries that reading enthusiasts can cherish. Located in the Wisma Bakrie Building in South Jakarta, it is quite accessible.