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Footprints of archaic “Austronesian” humans in Bada Valley

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Bada Valley
Bada Valley
Bada Valley
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Bada Valley
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Palu, IO – Central Sulawesi is known to hold some of Indonesia’s most amazing megalithic archaeological sites. These ancient artifacts are spread across three major valleys in Poso Regency: Napu Valley, Behoa Valley and Bada Valley, while others are also found in Palu Valley and Lake Lindu in Sigi Regency. 

Dozens of these ancient statues are said to date back to the 14th Century. The megaliths in Bada Valley were first discovered in 1908. Despite the momentous find a century ago, little is known about these objects, particularly about the statues’ history. Some speculate that the stones were carved around 5,000 years ago, while others believe the megaliths date from about 1,000 years back. 

The purpose of these megaliths remains unclear. Local communities believe that the stones were once used to worship ancestors. Another megalith, Tadulako, was once known as a “village guardian”. Tadulako later became the name of a state university in the city of Palu. Another tale connects the megalith with human sacrifice. 

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Some people believe that the stones were intended to ward off evil spirits, while others claim that the objects possess supernatural powers and are capable of disappearing or moving to other locations. 

Up to September 2023, a total of 118 sites, with 2,007 artifacts, have been discovered in Central Sulawesi. The number of sites and artifacts is projected to increase over time, as new discoveries are made, as it is assumed that many ancient objects remain buried and are yet to be discovered.

(IO/Alfino Suhanta)

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