FK UMM student video takes first place in national education competition

Aburizal Malik, Adie Prasetia Utama Putra, Fahreza Hadi Firmansyah, on preventing the spread of tuberculosis with a MASK. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Malang – Aburizal Malik, Fahreza Hadi Firmansyah, and Adie Prasetia Utama Putra, students of the Faculty of Medicine, Muhammadiyah University Malang (FK UMM) won 1st place in the National Education Video Competition in the 2020 Medical Fiesta (International Scientific Competition and Seminar), which was held at the end of last month. This event is organized by the Medical Student Research Organization, Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University, Malang.  

The competition was participated in by students of health science study programs (medicine, dentistry, public health, pharmacy, midwifery, nutrition, medical records, medical analysts, and nursing). Participants came from public universities, private universities, and health colleges throughout Indonesia.  

Aburizal, Fahreza, and Adie are students of class 2019 who have the same hobby, namely, in the field of videography, and are members of LSO Scientific Medico. The three of them felt challenged to participate in this competition.  

“We want to fill our spare time according to what we are interested in. We see on social media that many public and private universities hold scientific competitions, one of which is an educational video competition. This is where the idea emerged to pass the time during this pandemic by creating works that are useful for many people,” said Adie as quoted by, Friday (6/11/2020).  

They decided to take part in an educational video competition with the theme of tropical diseases. After doing research, tuberculosis (TB) was chosen as the topic. As we know, Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate and is in third place with the highest number of sufferers in the world. The title of the video “Prevent TB with a MASK”. “Why did we choose the word ‘MASK”? Because masks have a close relationship with tuberculosis,” said Aburizal.  Not only do they help in preventing the spread of tuberculosis, but the mask referred to in the video is an acronym for immunizing babies with BCG, anticipating not spitting carelessly, always maintaining ventilation, consuming nutritious food, coughing and sneezing ethically, and maintaining the cleanliness of the environment and the house.  Distance constraints are not a big problem for the three of them. By taking videos individually and doing the editing process separately, the educational video was completed well and won the prize.  “We are satisfied with the results obtained. We are very grateful, but we will try to do even better,” said Fahreza. (est)