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Five outstanding Padjadjaran University candidates debriefed


IO, Bandung – Padjadjaran University, Bandung, West Java, selected five outstanding university-level student candidates who will receive a debriefing. Candidates consist of three students from the Bachelor’s level and two students from the Diploma level. Of the five names, the best candidates who will represent Padjadjaran University will go to a stage for the selection of outstanding students at the national level. 

“The jury has selected candidates who will be given a debriefing to proceed to the next stage. Hopefully the students selected can give the best for Padjadjaran University, and also give the best for Indonesia,” said the Director of Student and Alumni Padjadjaran University, Dr. Eng. Boy Yoseph Cahya Sunan Sakti Syah Alam, ST, MT, when announcing the five outstanding student candidates via online Sunday (06/07/2020). 

Three Bachelor’s students selected as candidates, based on the alphabetical order of names, are Kelvin Fernando Pratama (Pharmacy), Nia Prima Bestari (Psychology), and Shofie Ashyfa Natasya Shalsabila (Communication Science). Two candidates from Diploma level are Nur’aini Exie Kusuma Wardani (Midwifery) and Mochamad Renaldy Mulia (Media Production Management). Election Coordinator Dr. Yus Nugraha, MA, explained that the five candidates will receive a debriefing to be carried out on June 8-12, 2020. The debriefing was carried out online with materials including English, nationality insights, scientific papers, visual posters, and personalities. 

At the end of the debriefing, one Bachelor level and one Diploma level outstanding student will represent Padjadjaran University at the national level selection stage. Selection of the preliminary stage to the final at the national level will be conducted online. 

“This is a different condition from previous years. This is just the method, the contents are only new, so the objectives are so that the debriefing to be carried out becomes very important; it must be carefully and thoughtfully,” Yus declared. (*/est) 


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