Fishing catch on sale in Muara Angke

A view of moored fishing boats. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO – For Jakarta citizens, Muara Angke fish market, located at Pluit, North Jakarta, is a preferred place to buy fresh sea catch. But in order to secure a really fresh fish, buyers have to arrive in the late afternoon. “Fishing boats usually come into port from the afternoon until night, and in the early morning,” said one of the fishermen to the Independent Observer.

Weighing in the fish at the auction. (photo: IO:Yoga)

On this occasion, our photographer wanted to share images on the auction at Muara Angke fishing port. Once fishermen begin docking at the pier, those on land await the others eagerly, immediately picking up the transporters they call “bongkaran”, carrying long carts and queuing to collect the catch. Once the sea catch is weighed, they bring it to the auction stall provided by the City Government, where fish are re-weighed again and auctioned off to individual buyers or companies.

A plethora of fishermen pass through this place, both locals from Jakarta and others – including some as far away as Kalimantan. These fishermen usually take a ‘Jakarta-Kalimantan-Jakarta’ route which takes 2 months.

They catch up to 1.5 tons of more of squid. On their way home, the fishermen wrap the squid in neatly in plastic and store it in a freezer. Each frozen plastic load weighs about 15 kilos; 1 bundle could reach 60 kilos. Fishing boats usually load up with 25 – 35 squid chests on each journey.

Consumer choosing fish at the auction. (photo: IO:Yoga)

In this place, there are also companies that can buy directly: they have secured permission from the local government that organizes the auction. Once the dismantling is completed, the transport workers then load the catch into trucks for export abroad.

Consumers and traders who want to buy fish in large quantities can come directly to the Muara Angke fish auction center and deposit a sum of money equal to the number of kilos of fish or other marine products they intend to purchase. It is also possible for buyers who want to buy retail. People also usually come here to eat fresh seafood, because in Muara Angke, there are many places to eat for seafood lovers, with choices of fish, squid, shrimp, mussels and lots more. (Yoga Agusta)