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First time ever, viewership of local movies overtakes foreign ones


Jakarta, IO – The local film industry hits a momentous milestone as local movies surpassed foreign ones in term of viewership.

According to as of September, there are 10 Indonesian films that have garnered millions of viewers, among others, “KKN di Desa Penari” (9,233,847), “Pengabdi Setan 2” (6,390,970), “Miracle in Cell No.7”, “Ivanna” (2,793,775), “Sayap-Sayap Patah” (2,414,405), “Mencuri Raden Saleh” (2,248,931), “Ku Kira Kau Rumah” (2,220,180), “The Doll 3” (1,764,077) and “Kuntilanak 3” (1,313,304), Antara reported on Friday (22/9).

Local movies now account for 61 percent of total viewers, compared to 31 percent for foreign ones. Indonesian Film Industry Association (APFI) chairman Chand Parwez said this is a record achievement for the Indonesian film industry. He is proud that local movies can now reign supreme in their home turf.

Falcon Pictures producer Frederica said this shows that the quality of Indonesian movies has improved significantly.

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“Miracle in Cell No.7, which is currently showing, is one of the films that get over 3 million viewers. This motivates us to keep making better movies going forward,” she said.

The viewership figure is not only obtained from cinemas but also from streaming platforms. (rr)


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