Finding serenity in mellow Majalengka

Panyaweuyan Terrace
Panyaweuyan Terrace, fresh, verdant terraced hill as far as the eye can see. Photos: Freddy Wally

Majalengka, IO – In order to escape the urban hustle and bustle, a lot of people choose to change their routine and go somewhere life is slower and calmer. Indonesia’s many islands contain many places where you can relax and regroup. Some of these include spots in the Regency of Majalengka, in the Province of West Java. 

In recent years, Majalengka became popular because President Jokowi decided to build Kertajati International Airport in the region, and have it operating starting 2018. Administratively, the Regency of Majalengka’s direct borders are with the Regency of Indramayu (North) and the Regencies of Cirebon and Kuningan (East). With its motto “sindangkasih sugih mukti” (“care and concern will bring strength and prosperity”), it contains several tourist destinations that will alleviate your cares and concerns during your sojourn. Here are the Observer’s recommendations:

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Panyaweuyan Terrace 

This particular destination went viral in social media recently because of its lovely terraced hillside. Located in Majalengka’s Mount Ciremai, West Java’s highest mountain range at 3,078 meters, the terrace has served as a shallot plantation area for decades before the local Government decided to gain extra benefit from turning it into a tourism village. You’ll notice its lovely, unusual green hue when the planted shallots grew its leaves to show that they are ready to harvest. 

According to the records of the Food Security, Crop Farming, and Fishery Office of the Regency of Majalengka, the Panyaweuyan Terrace area, especially the District of Argapura, is the fifth-biggest vegetable commodity producer in Majalengka in 2020, with a production rate of 26,312.90 tons for the year.